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Electronic Signatures

How much do you pay to sign a document?

The cost to push paper in today’s world is astronomical compared to 10 and 20 years ago.  The cost of stamps, next day air, couriers, and certified delivery have increased significantly.  An Express Mail flat rate envelope costs $18.95 through USPS ( That does not include what your client, vendor, supplier, etc. must pay to send the signed agreement back to you, the time lost due to signature process, ink/toner cartridge and paper costs for printing by both parties, opportunities squandered as signors reconsider other options, and the “green” issues required with paper processes.  Even if the signature process is partially electronic (via e-mail, fax, and scanning), the process has some of the costs involved mentioned above and lag that is often 3-5 days.  There MUST be a better way to execute documents.


Easy to use, cheaper than scanning, accessible by smart phone


Why Should I Consider e-Signatures?

Document Builders is a document automation specialty shop that reduces their clients’ costs and time in most document processes.  E-signature provides an almost immediate return on investment by offering a way to sign and/or get a signature from clients:

·        In minutes instead of days,

·        At a monthly cost that is less than sending one flat rate Express Envelope through USPS,

·        That is legally recognized by all 50 states

·        That does not require the printing of any paper

·        Through your smart phone!!! 



"I couldn't live without iSignhere... and my clients love it, too. I save so much time by not having to drive around and get papers signed in person. I never have frustrated clients who don't have access to a fax, printer, or scanner. With iSignhere, I can do 10 times the work in half the time."

        Russ Morgan, Lion Gate Real Estate

"I have been using your services for about a year now, your website makes doing real estate contracts very easy.  I have sold homes to people moving from Colorado, California, New Jersey and other areas without ever meeting them.  I also like it because as soon as the clients accept it I have the paperwork to send to other parties which makes transactions much smoother and quicker.  The other thing I like is that it keeps track of my transactions so they're all in one place and easy to find.  I recommend to everyone I know. Thanks for your services."

        Kaleb Washburn, Lion Gate Real Estate

"iSignhere saves me so much time and money. The program is easy to use and convenient. I could not do the quantity of business I do if I had to do all the running around it would require to get signatures. Thank you for an affordable, time saving service."

        JulieAnn Newman, R&R Realty

"I have been an agent for many years and like so many old timers, we fight change. This is one change I wish I would have taken advantage of when it was first introduced. In today's fast moving market, who has the time to waste. E-signatures are fast, paperless and the cost is minimal. It is well worth the price!! I LOVE IT!"

        Carrie Butterfield, R&R Realty

"iSignhere has been a lifesaver in the swiftly moving real estate market right now. Twice I've been in multiple offer situations when we had an hour to respond and my sellers were out of state. We were able to quickly send our response to the sellers and secure the property. I'm in the middle of a third one as I type this!"

        Stephanie Summers, R&R Realty

What will it Cost?

How much will it cost to implement e-signatures?  Document Builders has partnered with iSignhere to offer an inexpensive, effective solution for electronically signing all your documents which can be converted into a PDF format.  The figure below outlines the monthly costs.  Please work with your Document Builders representative to obtain additional information about length of contract and payment options.








One-time set-up & training fee







Single user license


$15.00/month +





10 user license


$120/month +


$12/additional user



25 user license


$250/month +


$10/additional user



100 user license


$900/month +


$9/additional user




Document Builders and partners are excited for this opportunity to work with you and look forward to implementing this application at your company.  Please contact us here to learn more about e-signatures or begin your service by filling out the form here. We also have a free trial.

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