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In today's competitive environment, financial documents must be compliant, accurate, and produced in minutes... not days.  If you can't meet these requirements, customers have too many other options and will take their business elsewhere. 

Accelerated document assembly means fewer hours will be spent by internal resources (lower costs), automated processes will connect other systems (less chance for errors), and there will be quicker collection of lending fees.  It's a win-win-win situation!  

Give you and your financial institution a competitive edge by producing finance documents faster, at a lower cost, and with higher quality by using the Document Builders solution.


Lending Templates

Document Builders can take the content you have available today and turn these documents into templates complete with a link to your LOS (Loan Origination System) or, Document Builders offers pre-made templates for some areas of financial lending. The templates have been created by those experienced in the lending business using the HotDocs software. Whether your institution is a regional bank, farm credit agency, or national powerhouse, we can assist you with streamlining your document processes by providing you content or automating content you have in Word or PDF documents. 


Document Builders' Lending Solutions


Document Builders

Other solutions

Turnaround time

Immediate.  Feed information from end user or Loan Origination System then print documents.

24-48 hours.

Alteration capabilities

A few minutes to change text in an RTF (Word) format, add a logo, or alter conditional logic

A few days, weeks, and often extensive additional charges.

Yearly maintenance

Document Builders will be anywhere from 20% - 80% less than most competitors

Depends on original cost of package

Format of finished document.  (Does it allow for editing if desired?)

Word or PDF file, locked or unlocked depending on financial institutions’ requirements

Paper documents or a locked electronic file

Does the content of your lending application comply with federal & state regulations?

Templates offered by Document Builders will be regularly reviewed by a prominent law firm with decades of experience in financial law to assure your documents meet all federal and state regulations.



Document Builders and its contractors can make changes in minutes to content, charge less per year than competitors, allow for a locked document or (upon approval by your legal group) a version that can be edited, and provides a relationship with a financially experienced legal experts to make sure your institution conforms to the latest federal and state regulations.


For more information or to see a demonstration of the Document Builders' solution, please fill out the contact form here or call 801-368-6048.

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