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Document Builders' services, combined with the HotDocs software, cuts document assembly time between 80-98%. HotDocs is the leading document assembly tool, having a foothold in nearly 80% of the AM Law 200 firms and about 20% of the Fortune 500. HotDocs is also used by 4 of the top 5 banking institutions and 8 of the top 15 insurance organizations. The staff at Document Builders has assisted in many of these implementations and saved those companies and law firms millions of dollars every year in document production costs and thousands of man hours.


For many, assembling documents, the first step in automating document processes, involves cutting and pasting content from other documents to create a new one. Sometimes the process involves getting data from other sources, inserting graphics or spreadsheets, altering signatures based on company policies, or placing several additional paragraphs due to state or federal laws. More complex assembly would involve a working knowledge of "fallback" language, chaining a number of documents together based on choices made on previous pages of the document (or user input), and accessing pricing tables, foreign languages, and guidance from legal experts in your company.


Again, Document Builders can eliminate all of the hassle and reduce the document assembly time by about 80-98%.



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