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Document Builders is a company comprised of document workflow specialists and document automation consultants with an average of 11 years of experience. Our primary purposes are to streamline document production through template development, assist with document workflow (also with template creation but also with document management) and speed up document execution. All associates are trained to focus first on your requirements in order to secure a mutually beneficial relationship. Our success can only follow that of our customers'.

Karl Ward - CEO

Karl has extensive experience working with corporate clients for over 14 years solving document automation and workflow problems.  Of the nation's top 5 banks, Karl has helped 3 with implementations of automated document solutions.  Some of the world's top energy, legal, consulting, technology, and food companies have benefitted by cutting expenses by over $1.5 million/year from the various solutions offered by Karl and his team. 

Karl's strength is finding the heart of a problem and bringing his resources together to solve the problem.  He was the top salesperson in the chain of RC Willey Home Furnishings in electronics and appliances for five years, the top outbound salesperson and sales manager in the HotDocs division of LexisNexis for 10 years, and most recently the Senior Sales Executive at the HotDocs Corporation. 

Karl has a degree in business management from Brigham Young University with an emphasis in marketing and retailing and a MBA with an emphasis in technology management.  His interests include his business, a family with seven children, and tennis which he plays 2-3 times a week, coaches at a local high school, and often captains a USTA league. 

If you are experiencing document workflow or assembly problems, call Document Builders today.  Karl and his team cannot solve all document problems and will freely direct you to others in the industry who will be able to help in the event that Document Builders cannot.


Keith Wilson - Project Manager/Template development


Keith's 12 years of experience managing a team that created some of the most extensive document templates available makes him a perfect fit for Document Builders and the various array of requirements needed by the Document Builders' client.  Keith literally managed 1000's of templates created for use by LexisNexis/Matthew Bender clients from California Judicial Council forms to New York Surrogate forms and covering topics ranging from wills and trusts, patent law, real estate, workers compensation and automated court forms. 

Keith has been instrumental in setting up the services center for e-signature for Document Builders and will be heavily involved in document automation projects throughout 2013.  He is also the "go to" resource for NetDocuments questions and implementations.  


Lori Bonesteel - Senior Consultant/Project Manager

Lori has over 12 years of experience with custom consulting service solutions, programming documents, developing learning products, applications, and system integrations. She has been the project manager and lead consultant on integrated software solutions for organizations including JP Morgan, Lockheed Martin, Minnesota CLE, and Honeywell using the client’s existing software and incorporating their business use analysis and business rules. She has been the project manager for learning product projects for various transportation industry clients including Subaru and Walmart. She has a bachelor’s degree in science (specialized in Computer Information Systems) acquired at the State University at Albany. Lori graduated on the Dean’s list and has over six industry credentials for project management. She has certifications for various software products including HotDocs, Time Matters, and Billing Matters. Her career and experience has been focused on managing and creating custom solutions that improve the efficiency and organizational goals for her customers.

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