If you create more than a few similar documents a month and are not using a document assembly service, YOU ARE LOSING MONEY.  The higher the volume, the greater the loss.  Welcome to Document Builders, a document services organization which saves companies, government groups, bar associations and law firms money and time by streamlining the creation and execution of documents.


Why choose Document Builders? Because we...

  • Reduce document production time,
  • Cut the document signing process to seconds rather than days
  • Reduce the risk of producing poor documents and provide continuity in document production
  • Save you and your company money by eliminating resources dedicated to these processes
Document Assembly
  • We offer software which will help automate documents
  • We offer template creation services for high volume projects at a low cost (specializing in bar association and complete law firm solutions)
  • We provide content for financial or legal templates
  • Our team has many years of experience in automating documents of all types 
  • We offer a software service called iSignHere which will allow you to execute agreements without leaving your desk to get or send mail, fax or scan documents, or buy a new ink cartridge for your printer.
  • We offer licensing of our application to other software firms desiring to expand into the e-signature business.
  • Our service is available from any smart phone or internet-enabled device.  



Document Builders is a Gold Partner with the HotDocs Corporation (document assembly) and owns the iSignHere e-signature application.  Please search our site and feel free to make inquiries. We usually answer within 24 hours.

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